Sunday, September 7, 2014

Making Goals Like a Boss

Fall of '09. Apparently my Fall goal that year was to wear unflattering clothing. But look how happy I am! Oh well. 

With the change of seasons, something always happens to me. In the Spring I get antsy and need to go somewhere, when Summer comes I get lazy but do lots of fun things, in the Winter I get lazy and eat too many treats, and a tiny bit depressed, if I'm being honest. And the Fall makes me set goals. I always make New Years Resolutions too, but Fall just seems like a natural time for goals, even though I haven't been in school for several years now.

Although I'm also feeling a little lazy now too--so maybe I'm just always lazy. I'm motivated about my new goals, but lazy about laundry and other housework, is what it is. The point is, the other day I decided I wanted to make monthly goals, and do something to work on that goal every day of the month. It's sort of a Happiness Project thing. (Sidebar: If you haven't read that book, go read it now! It is so good and I loved it.) When I read the book, I (like everyone else who reads it, I'm sure) was all jazzed about doing my own Happiness Project, and then never did. (Also like many people who read it, I'm sure.) And not all of my goals are necessarily things to increase my happiness, they are just things I want to do, but I also think that just setting a goal and then completing it will increase my happiness, so never mind. They are for happiness!

ANYWAY, my September goal is running. I am going to run every day (except Sunday, day of rest, yo!) in September. So far I have gone every day except the 1st, but that's because I thought of this idea on the 3rd, so give me a break!

And it's good! Running is the best! Yesterday I went 4 miles, which led me to believe I can probably run a half marathon in October just fine. So there's that. I haven't signed up for it but I think I'm going to.

I am going to write about the progress of my monthly goals here, in hopes that that will keep me motivated to 1. Do them, and 2. Keep blogging. Win win win.

Some of the goals weren't just personal things, but things that would affect the whole fam, so to decide which months they should be I consulted Chris. I had "Be vegan" and "No TV" planned for the same month, and he was like, "Dawg, NO. We can do both of those things, but not concurrently!" And I was like, "You are so right." And then I changed it.

Point is--I'm going running. Every day. And it will be great.

You're welcome. 

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Katie said...

No joke, last night before going to bed, I wrote a list of goals I wanted to accomplish this week. We are the same! Also, I miss you and love you.