Thursday, September 4, 2014

Rescued from the drafts folder

(I wrote this in March and never posted it, I think it just seemed too serious and personal, and maybe a little short and incomplete, but whatevs, Erin! Post the dang thing! So I am.)

Right now Maggie is taking a nap. I was putting some clothes in the dryer, and realized one of her sweaters is not supposed to go in the dryer. I was laying it out on the counter, flattening it so it wouldn't get all wrinkled, and straightening the crocheted flowers that adorn this cardigan, and had a thought. She is in her crib asleep, and has no idea what I am doing. In fact, because she is only 7 months old, she has no idea of a lot of things. But I am laying out her cardigan to dry and lovingly flattening each flower on it because I want her things to look nice, because I love her.

And it got me thinking--how much have my parents done for me because they love me that I never even knew about? And even bigger--what has my Heavenly Father done for me because he loves me that I don't even realize? How many sunsets has he crafted just to make my day, or people has he placed in my path to help me? How often has he sent the Spirit to comfort me, or to speak truth to my heart? I will never be able to enumerate that acts of love that have been done for me in this life, either by my earthly parents, and especially not by my heavenly parents. But I can be grateful for that love, and I am.


Heidi McQuay said...

good one.

Casey said...

Love it. Thanks for posting!

Emily Richards said...

Being a parent has given me such a greater appreciation for my parents and Heavenly Father. It's overwhelming to think about how much they must love me based on how much I love my baby! Good thoughts :)