Tuesday, July 23, 2013

One week in. . . .

Well, we have lived at our house for one week and two days now, so I wanted to share some pics! And by "some pics" I really mean "more than anyone probably wants to see, but oh well."

Here is the house the day we moved in, and these are all phone pics because, like the rest of our stuff, the camera was packed away somewhere and nowhere to be found:

Kitchen, duh. Taken from the dining area. 

The living room as viewed from the kitchen-ish

The kitchen from the living room.

Master bedroom. If it looks like there were squatters, that's because Chris slept there for a night before coming back to Utah to get me/our stuff, so that's why there are some rando things around the house.

Master bath and Chris unbuttoning his shirt, apparently. Scandalous. (Sidebar: It is INCREDIBLE to have two bathrooms. We feel like kings. Someone's using one, NBD, go use the other one. It's amazing.)

Our closet

Dining area

Baby Meck's room

Linen closet

Guest room

Guest bath

Guest bath

And one week later, here we are. I decided to take some pics of the parts that look good and the parts that look bad in each room, just to remind myself not to be too proud. 

From the front door

Living room. (And yes, the lighting is not great. A photographer I am not.)

A part of the living room that looks good. (The chair on the right came from my dad's office, they got new furniture a couple of years ago and have let various kids use the old stuff. The one on the left is the glider we got for Baby Meck's room, and I am in LOVE with it. It will probs just be out here until she's born or we set up her room. Whichever comes first.)

Another part of the living room that looks good. (Couch also from dad's office.)

Part of the living room that is not looking great. Eventually we want to get some sort of entertainment center biznass, but for now we have the coffee table.


Great looking part--the housewarming gift my mom got for us. And actually, the kitchen has a lot of great looking parts, I have to say. That's what happens in a room made of cupboards. You can put everything away so easily. 

Ok fine, another great kitchen shot. 

One more. The kitchen has just come together really well and I love it!

Dining area looking good.

Dining area looking bad.

Back entry/laundry room

The best part

The worst part

Walking into our bedroom. That walkway will feel HUGE when we unpack those boxes. 

Bedroom looking pretty good.

Bedroom looking pretty bad. (And actually, I took these right after I cleaned up about 7 empty boxes that were strewn everywhere in here, because a guy from the construction company was coming over to do a walkthrough of the house. So it was looking much worse, so this is a huge improvement to me.)

Bathroom. It doesn't really have a best and worst. It's just a bathroom, you know?

It won't rotate, but here's our closet. It looks much more cramped with my stuff added in.

Closet again. Best part--our Sterilite drawers fit PERFECTLY in that little niche. 

Worst part--the tangled rats nest of my jewelry sitting on top. 

Guest bath--not enough going on in here either to be good or bad. 

But here's a cameo from Baby Meck. Hey girl.

Speak of the devil, here's her room. Basically nothing has happened in here.

Guest room with Chris studying in the corner. 

Best part--this little set up, made possible by that cute little desk we found at Goodwill for $15. It was made in Denmark so I love it. It's obviously not like fine Scandinavian craftsmanship, but you know what, it says "Made in Denmark" on the back and that is enough for me.

Worst part--These guys. Mostly books, a few doodads. We need to get some more storage for them.

We also have this going on, which is a shoe organizer stuffed with fabric and other craft things. Don't let the compartments fool you, it is not organized at all. It's chaos in there.

Linen closet. Not much to say about it other than we need to figure out some other storage options because dang. That thing is stuffed to the gills.

Oh yeah! The kitchen did have a bad part! The gross bananas! However, I later made those into delicious banana bread, which I think has some meaningful applications to life and moving and unpacking and all that.

I didn't take any garage pics the day we moved in, but obvs it was empty. And now it is this. 

These shelves are the best. Holla at my mom and dad for hooking us up with them. And an even bigger holla at dad, who set them up while my mom and I went--somewhere. Costco maybe? Wherever we were, it was more fun than setting up shelves in a hot garage. Thanks Poppy.

I also never took any pics of the patio last time, but here it is. Grill and all. 

And the other side of the patio, complete with a hummingbird feeder and a little table I got for $2 at Goodwill. I think I will probably spray paint it yellow. Unless someone has a better color suggestion. 

So. There she is. We have had a good first week so far, and are starting to feel settled in. It's weird to not have a job and have to make my own schedule every day, but awesome too. And seriously, a huge thank you to these peeps. They moved up here with us, unpacked boxes, bought us groceries, made dinners, bought all kinds of other stuff too, and were so complimentary and delighted with everything about the house and our new town. It was so fun to have them here and I can't wait to see them in a month or so when Baby Meck arrives! 


Katie said...

I love love love it all! What a cute house you have! Sometimes I can't believe that we live across the country from each other now, but I am so happy for you guys and so excited for baby Meck to come!!!

Maggie said...

So excited for your new life! Thanks for the tour. I will miss your posts about your love of Provo, because I was always living vicariously through you. So now you'll have to introduce us to all the charms of your new town.

Casey said...

How cute. Amazing! Someday we will have a house. haha. I love it.

KILEY said...

I LOVE it! And I love all the pictures! Thank you for all the detail. It is looking more and more like a home.

I love the

glider! SO CUTE! (THose

okay so AdDIs iS helpping me type this. He seriously did all that while I typed along. Love yoU!

Kimberly Corrigan said...

I love your new house! So cute!

carlee said...

I LOVE IT!!! The tile is awesome - the whole color scheme is perfect! Oh man, I can't wait to start my real life too! Miss you!

Karabear said...

My favorite is the front door and the kitchen! All so cute though! It makes me want to take pics of my house... but I'm lazy so who knows if that will ever happen. Hahahaha LOVE IT.